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ERP: 0141311

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Product information

The Safety Box includes an 1kg dry powder Fire Extinguisher and a Fire Blanket, (1×1)m, in hard case EN1869.

The 1kg powder Fire Extinguisher is suitable for:

Class A fires – flammable solids (wood, plastic, paper, etc.)

Class B fires – flammable liquids (paraffin, petrol, oil etc.)

Class C fires – flammable gases

Fires involving electrical devices up to 1.000V at a minimum distance of 1m.

The EN1869 Fire Blanket (1×1)m is a highly flame-resistant blanket that can be used either to extinguish a small fire at its initial stage, or to wrap a person in case of fire.It works by cutting off the oxygen and “Smother” the fire.


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