Home Firefighting Safety Box 750gr


ERP: 0141129

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Product information

Home Firefighting Safety Box with Aerosol Type Fire Extinguishers 750gr, an autonomous Photoelectric Smoke Detector and a Fire Blanket, 1×1 m, in Hard Case.

Aerosol Fire Extinguishers are suitable for class A fires flammable solids (wood, plastic, paper, etc), for class B fires flammable liquids (paraffin, petrol, oil etc), for class F fires (Cooking Oil & Fat) and for class E fires up to 1000V (Fires involving Electrical Devices). The fire extinguishers is used for extinguishing small fires at its initial stage.

Smoke detector provides early warning of developing fires (by detecting the smoke – not the heat or flame) by sounding the alarm from its built-in alarm horn. Suitable for use in a single residential unit only.

The Fire Blanket 1x1m is a highly flame-resistant blanket that can be used

to either extinguish a small fire at initial stage or to wrap a person.


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