Floating Pumps With Remote Control


ERP: 0131092

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Product information

Perfect solution for pumping water from natural sources and filling up water tanks. Efficient assistance for firefighters and wherever a rapid intervention is required (municipal services, forests, buildings or construction companies). The remote-control function greatly simplifies the deployment of the pump during fire-fighting intervention: Simply place the pump on water surface and press the START BUTTON ON THE REMOTE CONTROL to start operation. Prevention from getting dirt stuck in the pump from shallow waters of natural sources.
To finish operation just press the STOP BUTTON ON THE REMOTE CONTROL making it easier to remove the pump from water surface.
When filling up water tanks the operator can stand by the fire truck and remotely control the pump by pressing START and STOP buttons on his remote control.

• Filling up Water Tanks
• Drainage of Flooded Areas
• Extinguishing Fires


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