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Product information

MOBIAK UL Listed Kitchen Fire Suppression System utilize Extinguishing Agent specifically designed for grease

laden fires such as those associated with cooking areas. The Extinguishing Agent interrupts the chemical

chain reaction causing combustion, thus extinguishing the fire. The Extinguishing Agent is discharged in a

very fine mist extinguishing the fire and cooling the oil below its auto-ignition temperature


The System will automatically actuate upon detection of a fire or can be manually actuated by using a

Remote Manual Pull Station positioned at the point of egress from the hazard area. When the system is

actuated, a pre-determined amount of Extinguishing Agent is discharged through the piping network and

fixed nozzles to the duct, plenum, and cooking appliances.


The System is designed to provide fire protection for commercial cooking appliances, hoods, and ducts. It is a

pre-engineered group of mechanical and electrical components. The basic system consists of Extinguishing

Agent tank enclosed in a Cylinder Enclosure, Activation Panel, Nozzles, Fusible Link or Linear Heat Detection

Cable, Remote Manual Pull Station, etc.


The System design for appliance protection under the hood allows the nozzles to be positioned uniformly

from one end of the appliance line to the other. Most appliances under the hood can be protected in this

overlapping manner; therefore, it is not necessary to protect each appliance individually. Appliances are

free to be shifted around under the hood.


Fire Extinguishment System Activates automatically or it can be actuated manually through a remote

manual pull station. The system is also capable of shutting down appliances like Exhaust fans, Electrical

appliances, etc. as required. Accessories such as Audio-Visual Alarms, Remote Manual Pull Station etc. are

provided with the system. The automatic Activation of the fire suppression system can be done by means of

Fusible Link or Linear Heat Detection Cable, when the temperature exceeds the rating of the sensor. Then

the activation panel actuates the system.


System Versions

There are two (2) Versions available which can be offered wither with Mechanical (Fusible Links) or Electrical

(Linear Heat Detection Cable) Activation – both systems are developed according to the NFPA & UL



Prince George

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System (UL Listed) – Wet Chemical



Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System (UL Listed) – Wet Chemical with Water


PRINCE GEORGE difference compared to MOLIS is on the Fire Suppression Agent.

The PRINCE GEORGE system uses pure Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Agent in comparison with MOLIS that

uses Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Agent plus Water.


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