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Product information

The Electromechanical Fire Suppression System with the commercial name “ΜΟΒΙΑΚ DIAS” uses the ABF-Wet Chemical extinguishing agent and the most Advanced, Efficient, Reliable & Certified Fire Detection Solution method in the direct & effective (F) category fire suppression for Professional Kitchens. Fire is detected by an approved (UL/FM) Linear Heat Detection Cable of activation temperatures 138°C, 180°C or 251°C, the installation of which is particularly quick & simple. This Cable is connected with a Control Panel that controls the Automatic Operation of the System.
In Automatic Operation, in case of fire the Detection Cable is activated and transmits a Signal to the Control Panel of the System that executes constant Visual- Acoustic Alarm through a built-in Siren with Beacon. After the pre-configured Time Delay (can be set from 0-80sec) the Control Panel transmits a Signal to the fuse of the Fire Extinguisher Valve resulting the Activation of the Valve and the flow of the Agent through the Pipe Network to Special Discharge Nozzles.
In Manual Operation, the system can be activated by Electrical Means by a) an Extinguish Button that is built-in to the Control Panel or b) an Electrical Remote Call Point that must be installed near to the Kitchen Exit or by Mechanical Means by a) a Metal Wire Pull-Handle Mechanism that must be also installed near to the Kitchen Exit or b) by pulling the Valve Rod of the Fire Extinguisher Valve.
The System can be designed as Total or Local Flooding.
• CE-EN3 Approved Local Application Fire Extinguishers with Certified Valve of Automatic & Manual Operation
• Vessels with Internal Plastic coating of 6Lt, 9Lt, 11-16Lt, 17-20Lt and 21-35Lt Extinguishing Agent Capacity
• Stainless Steel Vessels of 10Lt and 11-20Lt Extinguishing Agent Capacity
• Heavy duty Extinguisher brackets
• Certified Detonator used for the Automatic Activation of the system
• Stainless Steel Flexible Hose for connecting the Extinguisher Valve Output to pipe network
• Linear Heat Detection Cable of Activation Temperatures 138°C, 180°C or 251°C
• Porcelain Splice Connectors for connecting Detection Cables of different Activation Temperatures
• Stainless Steel Straps used for Linear Heat Detection Cable support
• Fire Tape for Linear Heat Detection Cable connections insulation
• Remote Pull-Handle Mechanism
• 2.2KΩ Resistor for monitoring the Proper Operation of the Detection Line
• Remote Control Extinguish Button
• ½” Male Thread Stainless Steel Discharge Nozzles of Different Flow rates with inflammable Silicon Caps
• 1-Zone Control Panel with: – Battery – Siren -Beacon
• Activation Button
• Detonator Time-delay set by the factory to 40 seconds (it can be set from 0-80sec)
• Factory connected Extinguish Cancel Button with 2m cable
• Factory connected White Cable for Power Supply with Suko Plug (2m length)
• Factory connected White Cable with Plastic Splice Connector of 2 contacts for connecting the Detonator of the System (2m length)
• Factory connected Orange Cable with Plastic Splice Connector of 2 contacts for connecting the Linear Heat Detection Cable (2m length) Output Relay for Electrical Power Shut down of Selected Kitchen Appliances and Air Duct Fans as well as for Shut down of fuel (gas)
• Gas / Propane Electro-mechanical switching valve (is not included)


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