Aerosol type extinguisher for Li-Ion batteries fire


ERP: 0135616

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Product information

MOBIAK uses a new and revolutionary Extinguishing Agent which has been developed during the past few years in response to the demand for products that can deal with high-temperature flammable metal fires, lithium-ion, and lithium-polymer battery fires. This Extinguishing Agent offers a significant performance improvement over conventional extinguishing agents when applied to these very particular fire types – it has proven to be the most effective extinguishing agent currently available worldwide for Lithium battery fires.

  • Extinguishing Agent applied as a fine mist, which instantly cools the batteries and extinguishes the flames
  • Extinguishing encapsulates the fuel source and insulates the cells preventing further thermal runaway; bringing the fire under control

Using the revolutionary Extinguishing Agent – MOBIAK announces a Brand New Aerosol Type Fire Extinguisher of 500ml Capacity that provides lithium battery fire protection for safe use on small personal devices – the Product fights the flames and prevents the propagation of fire. The agent is discharged/applied in the form of a mist, acts as a fire break by cooling and extinguishing the flames, fast.



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