We are in the pleasant position to inform you that our company has become a member of the CTIF organization, an organization with global impact in the field of prevention, fire suppression and rescue. CTIF was created in 1900 and is an independent organization that informs and educates professional and volunteer firefighters – rescuers from around the world about safety issues, contributing to the development of the fire service. In this way it ensures the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of fire protection and rescue. It emphasizes the expertise but also the passion for rescue and firefighting, to develop new more effective techniques in case of fire and other disasters. As MOBIAK by starting this dynamic collaboration, we contribute to finding ways to prevent and deal with these risks. With our main concern always being the quality of our services and continuous development, we consider this move particularly important, and we are committed to new proposals on ensuring the means of fire prevention and suppression as well as rescue.

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