Prince George BC Vancouver Coffee House

MOBIAK’s coffee shop is named Prince George BC Vancouver Coffee House!

Prince George BC Vancouver Coffee House is designed to offer coffee and tastes to employees and visitors of MOBIAK

Headquarters - Chania Crete

Chania Crete

  • Central Facilities in Chania, Crete (Kthiana, Akrotiri, 32.000m²)
  • Gas Production and Bottling Plant. The Cryogenic Tanks (3 Oxygen, 1 Nitrogen, 1 Argon, 2 Carbon Dioxide)

Indoor facilities

  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing Assembling and Reassembly Unit

Steps of Production Process:

  • Automatic Dry Dust, Foam, Water and ABF-Wet Chemical Filling
  • Vibration when filling
  • Locking bolt
  • Filling with Propellant Gas (Nitrogen – Solar Mix)
  • Propeller Gas Leakage Control (Nitrogen-Helium Mix) with Hyper-Sensitive Solar Detector according to European Standards
  • Silk Screen Machine: Unauthorized Printer Printing and Fire Extinguishing Instructions.
  • Manual Fire Extinguishing Control Unit Section
  • Warehouse of Raw Materials & Trading Items in Crete
  • Fire extinguishing storage compartment in 1 tn sacks, for supplying the Automatic Fire Extinguishing Assembly
  • Automatic Paste Labels
  • Automatic Bottling Unit (Medical and Industrial Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Mixtures such as IG 541, IG 55, Banarg et al.)
  • 6-Position Hydraulic Testing Machine for Gas Bottles and Fire Extinguishers

– Maximum Test Pressure 450 bar

– Maximum Production Capacity 30 Bottles / hour

  • Dryer of Bottle and Fire Extinguisher from the Hydraulic Testing Machine
  • Laboratory: It has Quality Control and Analysis of Gas and Dry Powder, Foam and ABF-Wet Chemical.
  • Exhaust Gas and Fire Extinguisher Exterior Cleaning Machine
  • President’s office
  • Bottle and Fire Extinguisher Locking and Sealing Machine
  • Carbon Dioxide Bottling Unit with four Filling Stations
  • Meeting Room – Product Exhibition


Quality Hall

When investing in quality besides a company’s motto is a way of operation, the result is unique.

Quality…The Key to Success!